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5 Leading Dining and Drinking Joints in Jerash

Posted on 29 January 2019 by admin (0)

The city of Jerash is blessed with different tourist attraction sites. Some of the ancient ruins are only a few miles apart, so you will find yourself walking from one place to another. As a tourist, you need to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and the ambiance of the ancient ruins to the fullest. So work up some appetite to keep you going. The city has a number of word class eateries which serve a mix of cuisines.

Jerash Rest House: Located near the South Gate, Jerash Rest House remains the only eatery located inside the ruins. The hotel attracts a high number of visitors due to its nearness to the attraction sites. The crown should not worry you. The waiters at the hotel are accustomed to serving many people, and they do it quickly and efficiently that you won’t realize the traffic. So if you love the convenience, then the Lebanese House is your go-to place.

Lebanese House Um Khalil Restaurant: This house is an elegant favorite for both local and foreigners. Located few meters away from the CBD, the hotel serves a mix of Lebanese dishes, Mediterranean fare, and Middle Eastern cuisine. When you are done with the tour of the ruins, you can visit the Lebanese House for their delectable dishes.

Green Valley Restaurant: Located on Old Amman Road, the hotel serves exquisite Arabic dishes like Halal and Kibbeh nayyeh. While scrumptiously grilled meat is one of the main servings in the hotel, there are a variety of vegan options. So whether you are a lone tourist or in a company of others, the Green Valley will meet your nutrition needs.

The Olive Branch Restaurant: This is a mid-size hotel seated at the mountaintop overlooking the Dibbin Nature Reserve. The hotel specializes in vegetarian-friendly organic dishes. If dining you loath dining in crowded spaces then Olive Branch is your place.

Green Galon Sweets: After trekking through the streets of Jerash, you may need a slight energy boost before you continue with your adventure. The Green Galon Sweets offers a variety of freshly prepared desert, which will rejuvenate your energy. A square of knafeh or baklava at the hotel goes for a reasonable price. You can also order other syrupy Arabic delights of your choice at the hotel.

Parting shot: Most of the servings across various hotels in Jerash are Arabic. So, always ask the waiters for clarification before you order for any meal. Better still, you can walk in the company of Arabic Speakers or local tour guides. This way, you will get value for your money.