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Planning a trip to Jordan? 4 Ways you can spend your time

Posted on 23 February 2019 by admin (0)

Jordan has plenty of attraction sites and tourist activities that one can see and do. Unfortunately, if you are not aware of what to do in this amazing nation, then your trip may not be one to write home about. While not knowing what to do may be frustrating, it is even more frustrating when you get to Jordan only to be overwhelmed by the different activities you never budgeted for. So save yourself from such mystery and have a list of to-dos before you kickoff the journey. Here are four ways you can spend your time in Jordan.

Canyoneering: The common canyons in Jordan include Wadi Mujib, Wadi Hassa, Wadi Feid, and Wadi Zarqa. A few of these canyons have running water while others have amazing waterfalls. Maneuvering the canyons requires no technical expertise. So, be prepared to scramble, abseil, and swim or even climb the canyons.

Scuba diving: If you thought that countries in desert regions have not scuba diving opportunities then think again. The country is blessed with beautiful beaches and diving spots Aqaba and Amman, which offers unique flair to the tourists.

The great visibility of the waters and plenty of marine life makes the beaches among the best for scuba diving. The beaches are littered with licensed scuba divers who offer training and all sorts of assistance related to scuba diving. So whether licensed or not, you will still be able to experience the amazing waters of Jordan.

Cycling: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a wonderful place to explore on bike. The unique values and trails traverse different landscapes and tourist attraction sites. With a bicycle, you can opt to cycle during the day or overnight. Cycling in most trails and paths require self-guidance. But other complex terrains may require the input of the tour guides.

Trekking: Imagine walking across the entire country? Yes, walking from the northern border of the country to the southernmost part of the nation? This may not be possible in your home country, but very possible in Jordan. If you’ll be staying in Jordan for a little longer than you may give it a try.

Walking through the Jordan trail may take approximately thirty six days. And you will get to views and experience the surreal experience of the country. But if you plan to stay for a few days, you may consider trekking in minor trails like the Wadi Rum or miniature shepherd and hunter trails.

Bottomline: There are plenty of adventurous activities that you can expect when you get to Jordan. In fact, every city has its unique landscape with plenty of resources to explore. So, don’t limit yourself when you are in the country because there is always some activity for every visitor.