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Tips for a budget trip to Jordan

Posted on 10 December 2018 by admin (0)

Jordan is a small, stable and safe country, compared to some of her Middle Eastern neighbors. You can visit even as a lone traveler without fear. There are lots to see, from the ruins of ancient cities to the vast deserts.

But though small, Jordan is not a cheap place to visit. So do not rush to tick it in your list of countries you intend to go and seek adventure; not so fast. You need first to consider that its currency is stronger than the USD. One Jordan dinar is equivalent to $1.40. That is a concern, especially for a broke traveler planning a tight budget trip. You need to plan, un-plan and re-plan to get your math right. These tips will help you do your math to come up with a tight but comfortable budget that can afford you a fulfilling adventure in this country.

Buy the Jordan Pass online

If you get your visa on arrival, you will have to part with $60, regardless of which country you come from. But if you buy and process the Jordan Pass online before you arrive, you pay nothing for the visa. Once you arrive at the immigration counter, you just produce a print out of the Jordan Pass alongside your passport and you are given the green light to enter the country. With the pass, you can visit nearly all the historical sites in Jordan. The pass is $105, but if you consider that some of these historical sites charge $70 and you are likely to visit more than six of them, a Jordan Pass is a significant saving.

Budget Flight

Fly Dubai is the cheapest airline so if you are on a tight budget, give it a tick as you plan your trip. However, you will also have to get a visa to the United Arabs Emirates to use it. If you already have the UAE visa, you are lucky. Etihad Airways is also affordable if you are traveling from India.

Transport inside Jordan

The public transportation is the cheapest. Unfortunately, it offers poor services. You may have to rent a car. Many car operators in Jordan charge highly, especially the big-name operators, but you can get an affordable car rental from local companies like Monte Carlo. The good news is that you are in the Middle East, the heart of oil, so once you have rented a car, you will only pay a small amount for fuel. You can drive 1000 KM with mere $46 worth of fuel.


Street-eating is the way to go if you are visiting Jordan on a budget. Instead of a major feast in a restaurant, you can move from one street eatery to another, trying varies delicacies. If you are visiting certain sites, you will have to buy your water away from the location because they overcharge at the site.

In some restaurants, you can even negotiate the price, especially if you an Indian.


There are clean, comfortable and friendly hotels that charge fair prices, although the rooms are small and the bathroom is shared.

Parting shots

Because of the terrorist activities within the Middle East, sometimes tourism is negatively affected, and the prices do come down. At some times, you could take the risk and fly to Jordan on the tightest budget. You will even be able to enjoy the comfort of normally expensive hotels at a low price.