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Why Travelling to Jordan is the New Black

Posted on 09 February 2019 by admin (0)

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan or just “Jordan,” if you wish, has seen an upsurge in tourism from foreigners in the recent years. This is a major contrast to the early days when Jordan, like other Middle Eastern countries, never featured in the tourists’ list of destinations.

Could it be that there are new discoveries in this unique Middle-Eastern nation, which attracts more visitors? Not really. Jordan is as she has always been. So why is everyone headed to Jerash, Amman, Az Zarqa, Al Karak, and Petra and so on? Read on to find out why you may soon join the bandwagon headed to Jordan.

The biblical heritage: The country is awash with the biblical sites, which everyone regardless of their religion will not resist to visit. River Jordan where John-the batist- baptized Jesus flows from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. The country also homes mount Nebo, where the biblical Moses died. Do you remember Sodom and Gomorrah- the two sinful cities of the Bible? Guess what? They are also found in Jordan.

The lowest (dry land) point on earth:  The shore of the Dead Sea-Sea of death is the lowest terrestrial point on the planet. Yes, you hear me right. Lowest point on earth! With an altitude of -420 meters below the sea level, the water is too alkaline and dense that everyone floats on the surface. So don’t worry if you can’t swim, nature has already taken you into consideration.

Petra-the Rose City: Listed among the new Seven Wonders of the World, city of Petra is a must visit for everyone. This inimitable archaeological site dates back two millennia ago, and it was only discovered in the 1800s. Petra is the only city on earth that is accessible through a gorge. So be prepared to travel through a kilometer of beautifully curved stone walls before you can access the Rose City- Home to 800 uniquely curved tombs.

Contrast with other Middle-Eastern Countries: The mention of most nations in Middle East, especially those neighboring Jordan, easily elicits thoughts of high insecurity and plenty of oil. Unlike its neighbors, Jordan is stable and has functional security systems, which guarantees safety to everyone within its borders. If you want to visit that Middle-Eastern country that lacks or doesn’t exploit its oil reserves then your guess is good as mine. You can walk from the Country’s Northern border all the way to Southern parts, via the Jordan trail, and fail to notice a single oil well.   

P.S: Jordan is a safe, stable and independent nation unknown quantities of unheralded treasures. So make plans and join others in discovering and experiences the surreal experiences offered by this lost paradise.